Sunshine, mood, movement & friends

After a long stretch of rain and short days and long nights the sunshine always lifts my spirits. Oddly it is still a bit of a challenge to make myself go outside. When I do though, it’s very nice, and it’s often hard to make myself stop working and go back inside! The physical activity is tiring and often gives me sore muscles, but also improves my mood. Getting older has impacted my strength and endurance and it’s annoying that I cannot work longer. We are burning a huge pile of wood debris that a prior owner left, it might have been a small barn or shed. It had become overgrown with blackberry and had Alders growing in it. S has done the lions share of the work, chipping away at it for over a year. It will take quite a few days to finish the job as the county requires us to keep the burn pile no more than 4′ x 4′. I’m saving pieces small enough for the wood fireplace. Fire brings a primal comfort.

The other thing that lifts my mood is doing tai chi. You hear about the health benefits, but it’s hard to describe or believe that doing something that looks so easy is so effective. I wouldn’t have had the discipline to stay with it, I don’t think, without S keeping us going. He may be absolutely maddening sometimes but, the plusses definitely outweigh the minuses. Our beloved teacher has to leave us and go back to Canada after a failed attempt to immigrate,  with her husband and two children. That’s going to be another hard transition.

Tonight we had a potluck dinner with friends. It was a poigniant evening, since two of our group are no longer able to join us for our monthly game night in the winter months.  A had a stroke and G has alzheimers and has finally gone into full time care. G’s husband is alone now. The group dynamics have changed and it was a little awkward, but very good to be reunited after a 2 or 3 month hiaitus while R took G on their final trip together. We miss G a lot.


Emotions, Work, Love and Friends

There are emotions and feelings and then there is your behavior. It is the primary component of maturity. Maturity is the understanding that just because you feel one way does not mean you have to demonstrate and express to all, how you feel and what you think.

In many working environments, most emotions need to be shelved and evaluated later. Productivity can be badly impacted by someone who is constantly expressing emotional reactions to the people and events in their work place. Sometimes it is productive to discuss an emotional reaction, privately, with someone at work but not usually.  I’m not religious but I find the rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” very useful and pragmatic. Perceptive people will pick-up the example and run with it, others won’t. Then you must decide whether a conversation would be useful or not. I think it depends a lot upon how likeable and non-threatening you are. You never want to threaten anyone at work – not if you want to be successful in your career or keep working.  It is a manager’s job to find solutions when someone is being disruptive. It’s a tough job and very few managers are able to do it gracefully. People who are disruptive are usually out of a job one way or another.  They are shut out of working groups, they are moved around to other departments or tasks and are generally isolated if possible. Disruptive people are often unhappy and quit before they are fired or laid-off.  A work associate may become a friend over time, but at work it is no one’s job to listen to you emote and listen to your opinions when they are not delivered in a dispassionate, productive manner with reciprocal, respectful listening, at appropriate times, on your part. Being emotional and demanding that everyone give you their attention too often is self-centered, immature, selfish, and disrespectful. If you have good ideas and want to be heard, you have to learn to sell your ideas – that requires taking the time to build trust and respect and it requires you to learn to express your ideas succinctly and convincingly so that your co-workers will see how your idea will benefit the entire workplace. This is the next step in maturity and it cannot be rushed. It takes time… years for most people.. unless they learned it from family or have been formally trained, (still, it took years.)  When I left the workplace and retired I had only just scratched the surface of being able to sell my own ideas. I did know how to keep my emotions to myself though – that’s about as far as I got. Hindsight is 20-20 eh?

In relationships it’s harder to decide how to manage strong feelings. I am not good at that part. I am able to disguise my emotions fairly well, but I don’t know how to express strong emotions well, at all. It’s not good for me, it’s a weakness and it makes me unhealthy. Part of this fault is that I also fear other people’s emotions.  I do know how to fight fairly though – no blame, no shame, no finger pointing; yes to sharing my own feelings and reactions, shame and fears; yes to acknowledging the other persons feelings; and yes to expressing hopes for good outcomes. I do not know how to overcome my fear of anger in other people.

Friends are people who you tell almost everything about yourself.  You do not tell things that would unnecessarily hurt, burden or create a dilemma for someone unless they need to know, need with a capital ‘N.’  Friends do not judge.  Friends will commiserate, comfort, and validate. Friends will give you the time and attention you need to vent when something is really upsetting or exciting, without interrupting, unless to validate. Friends will also be lovingly frank and give honest feedback, and will still love you even if their honesty upsets you. After spending time with friends, you almost always feel better; freed of your burdens for a while. After spending time with your friends you might have a fresh perspective on things, and you will usually have the energy to go back to your daily life and be okay for a while.

Friends cannot fix you, especially if you are really broken*,  but they can create a safe haven where you can be broken and still know that you are not being judged, but loved. It is absolutely possible to love someone back to health, under many circumstances; it’s not a guarantee, but I don’t think it’s possible to heal without at least little bit of love. The first stage of healing is to learn to love and forgive yourself.

If you have experienced emotional healing with the help of a friend or friends, you often, eventually, meet someone else for whom you want to do the same. It takes a lot of energy. It is a priceless gift, to love a friend. My friends are absolutely precious to me.

*Broken: Suffering long-term, deep and painful emotional distress, causing, your behavior. to a greater or lesser degree, to become uncontrollable, unpredictable, embarrassing, inappropriate and/or debilitating most of the time. A broken person may or may not be able to function somewhat normally for periods of time but not consistently and it is exhausting to do so.

January 24, 2018, 8:35am

It’s early for me to be awake. I had hoped to get more sleep but a noise woke me early, (before 8!) and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m grumpy. Maybe more half-caff will help, but for the moment I’m not in the mood to feel better. Grrrrrrrrr!

I hate cleaning house, but I hate a dirty house more. I put off cleaning, but if someone is coming over that spurrs me to get the basics done. A gross, smelly kitchen is the worst or a dirty bathroom, but I don’t tend to let those go. I do not think I’m a massive germophobe but I’m very careful about cross contamination, and anything that goes in your mouth, like a toothbrush. Floors and dusting are what i put off the most.

I have no idea why I’m talking about this.

Since I was in my mid-20’s I’ve been aware that getting enough quality sleep has been a problem for me. It was a massive problem when the kids were little. I worried a lot and took benadryl chronically for years, so I could sleep. I think it did some subtle but long-term damage. (Do you know that Prozac was discovered while scientists were working with benadryl?) I have a prescription for lorazepam now and that definitely does the job but it’s addictive so I won’t use it too often except in special circumstances, like on vacation, when I am staying in hotels and I know there’s no way I’m going to sleep without drugs.

Enough rambling for now. Sorry, it’s all negative. It’s interesting how a person like me, with so much privilege and advantage and virtually nothing to worry about can feel so sorry for herself. I should be ashamed, but right now I’m too grumpy to even feel ashamed.

Vacations are good and hard

Last winter I spent way too many days sitting on the couch looking at the computer or watching videos. We had numerous days when we couldn’t get out the driveway due to ice and snow. I swore we’d have a winter get-away this year. So, here we are in Arizona – Sedona to be specific. It’s gorgeous here. Much more beautiful than I expected. It’s also pretty ritzy. It could be funny but really for me, it’s just a bit off-putting. Last night we had dinner in a Vegan restaurant. It was full of very obviously wealthy people trying to “look” spiritual and cool. Do you need a face-lift and $500 shoes to do yoga and meditate? Well, that’s neither here nor there – sorry for going off on a negative tangent!

Update: we loved hiking in Sedona and we loved Balboa Park and riding the bus and light rail in San Diego. We also got tired of restaurant food and hotel rooms, so we came home a week early. It’s okay, we had a good time and learned a few things about traveling and what works for us in the process. It’s good to be home.

Why No Bucket List?

I am retired, I don’t want a to-do list lurking around, stalking me, making me feel as if I need to hurry up and get busy. I suppose I might regret it in the end, but if I make a bucket list I will almost certainly not complete it and will have a sense of incompletion (is that a word?) anyway. Also, the things I’d put on a bucket list are already nagging at me 24/7 – like write to a politician every day. I don’t need to go bungie jumping. LOL!

I actually have plenty to keep me busy and almost all of it is still the stuff of my life’s dreams. Some of it is a bit risky, too, and so my current projects provide me with plenty of excitement and and some stress.

I think I’m going to try to keep this blog down to a couple paragraphs a day. Another way to make it easy to keep it up.