Vacations are good and hard

Last winter I spent way too many days sitting on the couch looking at the computer or watching videos. We had numerous days when we couldn’t get out the driveway due to ice and snow. I swore we’d have a winter get-away this year. So, here we are in Arizona – Sedona to be specific. It’s gorgeous here. Much more beautiful than I expected. It’s also pretty ritzy. It could be funny but really for me, it’s just a bit off-putting. Last night we had dinner in a Vegan restaurant. It was full of very obviously wealthy people trying to “look” spiritual and cool. Do you need a face-lift and $500 shoes to do yoga and meditate? Well, that’s neither here nor there – sorry for going off on a negative tangent!

Update: we loved hiking in Sedona and we loved Balboa Park and riding the bus and light rail in San Diego. We also got tired of restaurant food and hotel rooms, so we came home a week early. It’s okay, we had a good time and learned a few things about traveling and what works for us in the process. It’s good to be home.

Author: fresh aire

I am incredibly lucky, blessed, and fortunate. I honestly do not know why I am so lucky. I have the best two children a parent could wish for, a wonderful step-son, a bunch of great friends, and siblings and a wonderful partner. I live in a gorgeous region, in an energy-efficient home, both of which have been dreams for me. Many of my life dreams have come true. How is that possible??? As far as I can tell I've screwed up A LOT in my life. Many, many years were spent in excruciating pain, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, .. you name it. I spent years doing really crazy things trying to run away from myself and the pain and only making it worse. I refused to listen to wise advice - really, I was incapable of listening to or following almost any advice. I did not see opportunities when they were presented to me on silver platters. How I got "here" from "there" is a mystery I am sure I'll never solve. Maybe blogging a little will help me find some enlightenment. For now, I'm just incredibly grateful.

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