Why No Bucket List?

I am retired, I don’t want a to-do list lurking around, stalking me, making me feel as if I need to hurry up and get busy. I suppose I might regret it in the end, but if I make a bucket list I will almost certainly not complete it and will have a sense of incompletion (is that a word?) anyway. Also, the things I’d put on a bucket list are already nagging at me 24/7 – like write to a politician every day. I don’t need to go bungie jumping. LOL!

I actually have plenty to keep me busy and almost all of it is still the stuff of my life’s dreams. Some of it is a bit risky, too, and so my current projects provide me with plenty of excitement and and some stress.

I think I’m going to try to keep this blog down to a couple paragraphs a day. Another way to make it easy to keep it up.

Author: fresh aire

I am incredibly lucky, blessed, and fortunate. I honestly do not know why I am so lucky. I have the best two children a parent could wish for, a wonderful step-son, a bunch of great friends, and siblings and a wonderful partner. I live in a gorgeous region, in an energy-efficient home, both of which have been dreams for me. Many of my life dreams have come true. How is that possible??? As far as I can tell I've screwed up A LOT in my life. Many, many years were spent in excruciating pain, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, .. you name it. I spent years doing really crazy things trying to run away from myself and the pain and only making it worse. I refused to listen to wise advice - really, I was incapable of listening to or following almost any advice. I did not see opportunities when they were presented to me on silver platters. How I got "here" from "there" is a mystery I am sure I'll never solve. Maybe blogging a little will help me find some enlightenment. For now, I'm just incredibly grateful.

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